Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Work until you die” Ben Shapiro makes a good case for immediate social revolution.

I’m 24F and Ben says I should work for the next 60 yrs, assuming I die at 84. Rich people my age will spend the rest of their lives doing whatever pleases them, but I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life making money for them to enjoy. I’m supposed to pump out 4 kids so I can watch them grow up to be wage slaves, knowing they will die manning the capitalist machine same as me. Fuck no!

I find the attitude so illustrative of the upper classes, not just the super rich but those who make money off the backs of others seem to think they are entitled while the workers are something less and not worthy of a decent quality of life or a living wage.

The gig economy is on its way. Not slavery exactly. But there will always be significant exploitation of the lower classes by the upper. That’s the core American value.

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