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I’m attractive and so’s my man so I thought we’d have a super cute baby – I was so wrong, she looked like a potato

A WOMAN who thought she’d have a “super cute” baby was stunned when she gave birth to one who looked like a potato.The mum explained that when she fell pregnant, she assumed her daughter would pop out looking absolutely adorable, given that both she and the baby’s father are both “attractive”.

But she admitted she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Taking to TikTok, she shared a video over the top of which she wrote: “Thinking I was going to have a super cute baby because I’m attractive and so’s her dad.”

She then shared a snap of her baby girl, as she added: “Giving birth to a russet potato.”

Perhaps pre-empting some of the comments she’d receive, the mum added in the caption: “She grew into her looks.”

And, as predicted, the video sparked some angry comments from viewers.

“That’s bang out of order,” one raged.

“That’s so mean!” another added.

Not a russet potato! Leave that baby alone.”

“Emotional damage,” a third commented.

While someone else insisted: “I would never in a million years ever call my child unattractive at any stage.”

However, other parents shared their own stories about what their babies looked like at birth.

“Mine looked like an old lady with bad credit,” one wrote.

As another added: “They get better, one of mine looked like a plucked parrot and the other a monkey but they came around.”

“Omg! My daughter looked like John Candy in STRIPES until she was about 15 months old!” a third laughed.

“I was devastated, but she turned out beautiful!”

“My daughter looked like Uncle Fester from the original Addams Family but definitely evolved into a true beauty.

“Enjoy this special time,” someone else wrote

credit: The sun news

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