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What a Despicable Human Being’: Trump Trashed For ‘Narcissistic’ And ‘Deranged’ Fourth of July Message

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Donald Donald Trump ignited a firestorm on Independence Day with a “deranged”social media tirade on his Truth Social platform. In a lengthy post marking the nation’s 238th Declaration of Independence anniversary, Trump unleashed a torrent of insults at his political adversaries.

The presumptive Republican nominee for the presidential election took aim at President Joe Biden, lambasting his debate performance and alleged legal maneuvers against political opponents. He also targeted Vice President Kamala Harris, deriding her candidacy history and invoking controversial political figures.

“Happy Fourth of July to all, including to our highly incapable ‘President,’ who uses Prosecutors to go after his Political Opponent, who choked like a dog during the Debate but tried to pretend it was ‘International Travel’ (only 12 days rest!) and, when that gig was up, he blamed it on a ‘cold.’ Therefore, why would anyone say he’s cognitively challenged?” Trump wrote

He added: “Also, respects to our potentially new Democrat Challenger, Laffin’ Kamala Harris. She did poorly in the Democrat Nominating process, starting out at Number Two, and ending up defeated and dropping out, even before getting to Iowa, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a ‘highly talented’ politician! Just ask her Mentor, the Great Willie Brown of San Francisco. Someone else that I have to compliment is a Deranged Biden Prosecutor named Jack Smith, who has become a Legend in his own mind for all of those cases he has lost. The Corrupt Prosecutors are working hard for Crooked Joe, but it will never be enough—MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

The post drew swift condemnation, with Republicans Against Trump writing: “Convicted felon Trump just posted his July 4th message. The man is completely and utterly deranged beyond words.”

Another X user wrote: “This is literally your drunk uncle during the holidays who has never won a popular vote or been successful at anything in his life. He has LITERALLY failed at everything he has tried outside of being a cult leader.”

“This is Donald Trump’s July 4th message to the nation. He is making it clear that if he returns to the White House, every moment of his presidency will be focused on nothing but retribution,” wrote Robert Reich, a former U.S. Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton.

User @mecella_co succinctly captured the sentiment, stating, “What a despicable human being


Meanwhile, President Biden marked the day with a unifying message on Instagram and X, wishing Americans a blessed Independence Day and honoring the nation’s troops. Biden also hosted families at the White House, continuing a tradition of celebrating the national holiday.

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