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Trump’s Nephew to Expose Major Dirty Trump Family Secrets in Tell-All Memoir

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Former President Donald Trump‘s secrets may be exposed soon as his nephew, Fred C. Trump III, is set to release a tell-all memoir.

The 77-year-old recently found himself in some legal trouble after the jury found him guilty on 34 counts in his “hush-money” New York trial last month. There have also been several other controversies surrounding Trump over the years, including bankruptcy and impeachment.

Donald Trump and the Trump Family are set to be exposed as Fred C. Trump III is getting ready to release a tell-all memoir.

Fred C. Trump III is the grandson of Fred C. Trump and the nephew of Donald J. Trump. He has gained public attention due to a legal dispute involving the Trump family estate.

After Fred Trump Sr. passed away, Fred C. Trump III and his family sued for a larger share of the inheritance. The lawsuit was settled, but it caused a rift within the family.

Fred C. Trump III has generally kept a low public profile compared to his high-profile relatives — until now.

Tell-All Memoir To Be Released

Trump Speaks to Representatives of each Branch of the Armed Forces including Space Force

Donald Trump’s 62-year-old nephew dives into his connections and rifts with the Trump family in his new tell-all memoir, “All in the Family: The Trumps and How We Got This Way,” which will be released on July 30.

“Silence is golden only where there is nothing that needs to be said,” Fred C. Trump III said in a press release about the book’s release.

“The memoir will add another layer to the complex and often combative Trump family saga,” The New York Times reported. “Fred and Mary Trump are the children of the former president’s older brother, Fred Trump Jr., who suffered from alcoholism and died of a heart attack in 1981. After their grandfather Fred Trump Sr.’s death in 1999, Mary and Fred Trump filed a lawsuit contesting his will, arguing that they had been cheated out of their inheritance by their father’s siblings.”

Legal Battle Between Donald Trump And Fred C. Trump III

Trump Speaks to Representatives of each Branch of the Armed Forces including Space Force

The legal battle between the Trump family got heated after Donald Trump and his siblings cut off financial assistance that was being used to pay medical bills for Fred Trump III’s son, William, who was born with a severe medical condition and diagnosed with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

According to The New York Times, Fred Trump III will explain how that rivalry threatened the health and safety of his disabled son.

“Silence is golden only when there is nothing that needs to be said,” he writes in the book, per the outlet.

Inside Donald Trump’s Controversies

Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower

Donald Trump has been involved in controversies over the years. For starters, the former President’s businesses have filed for bankruptcy six times, primarily involving his casino and hotel holdings in Atlantic City. Plus, numerous contractors and workers have previously that the 77-year-old failed to pay them for their services on various projects.

In October 2016, a 2005 recording surfaced in which Trump made crude comments about women, which led to widespread criticism, though he dismissed the remarks as “locker room talk.”

The 2016 election then saw allegations of Russian interference, with investigations exploring whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials. While the Mueller Report did not establish collusion, numerous contacts between the campaign and Russian entities were found.

Donald Trump Gets Impeached… Twice

Donald Trump clapping at CPAC 2023

In addition to the controversies listed above, Donald Trump made history as the only U.S. president to be impeached twice. In 2019, he was impeached related to allegations that he pressured Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son. The second impeachment followed the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot, where he was accused of inciting an insurrection.

Then, in August 2022, the FBI executed a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, seeking classified documents he allegedly took from the White House.

Making History Yet Again

Donald Trump waves as he leaves Trump Tower

Most recently, Donald Trump made history as the first President to become a convicted felon.

The 77-year-old was on trial for a 2016 hush money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. The jury delivered the historic verdict on Thursday, May 30, 2024, finding Trump guilty of all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records.

“All in the Family: The Trumps and How We Got This Way” is set to come out on July 30 from Gallery Books. It is unclear if the memoir will mention Trump’s recent guilty verdict.

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