Trump Throws Midnight Fit Over Report That He ‘Froze’ In Middle Of Speech, Blames Biden For ‘Fake Story’

In a raging late-night tirade on his Truth Social platform, Donald Trump furiously rebutted accusations of faltering during his speech to NRA members in Dallas, claiming that “Trump doesn’t freeze!”

Critics questioned the former president’s mental acuity following what was branded as another Trump “glitch” – a moment where he appeared to freeze, grimacing and scanning the room while struggling to articulate his thoughts.

Just after midnight, Trump unleashed a scathing attack on the media for reporting his perceived momentary lapse while pointing fingers at President Joe Biden’s camp for what he called a “fake story”.

After bragging about the crowd size, he vehemently denied any freeze, asserting that the reported 30-second pause during the “Musical Interlude” was standard procedure in all his speeches.

“My Speech in Dallas this weekend at the NRA’s ‘Endorsement of President Donald J. Trump,’ was attended by a Record Crowd of very enthusiastic Patriots,” Trump wrote. “The Biden Campaign, however, put out a Fake Story that I ‘froze’ for 30 seconds, going into the “Musical Interlude” section, when in actuality, the 30 to 60 second period of silence is standard in every one of my Speeches where we use the Music. Check out any of my Speeches!”

“The reason they came up with this Disinformation is that Biden freezes all the time, can’t put two sentences together, and can rarely find his way off the stage without help,” he added before insisting, “Donald Trump doesn’t freeze!”

In a final jab, he blasted: “It is a MADE UP Biden Campaign story, put out in a dying Newspaper that I never heard of, and every Reporter knows it, including the large group that was there

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