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Entire Factory Walks off the job after a few workers were sent home as punishment

Read carefully am sharing this from personal experience please share this post

I can’t even get my coworkers to agree on who’s going to bring donuts….

I quit when I found out we couldn’t speak to one another.

There was so much bullshit. Like, most of the jobs are done without taking a single step, but they would tell you no if you asked for a chair. When I started there was no uniforms, but they made first shift wear a uniform because they had customers walking around the floor to oogle the peasants. Just so much little shitty things that served no real purpose but made working there fucking miserable.

They told me it was 40 hours a week and overtime was mandatory if they asked, but they’d never ask. I worked over time every week i worked there and everyone I spoke to said they worked overtime at least 3 weeks a month for as long as they could remember. I was so fucking mad about being lied to. I’m passive agressive af tho so I just kept asking the woman who hired me “when are the hours going to get back to normal?”

Last day I worked there they wrote me up for being LESS THAN A MINUTE LATE after being 10-15 minutes early every day. They also wrote two girls next to me for talking to each other while they worked.

So I just clocked out and left. The woman who hired me called me and I just said it’s not working out and asked her not to call me back.

it would be so easy to keep people there but they’re just stubborn, bitter shit heads.

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