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Bombshell Evidence: Trump Lawyer’s Notes Detail Scheme To Hide Classified Docs Over Fear of Criminal Charges

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New revelations from attorney Evan Corcoran’s private notes indicate deeper legal troubles for former president Donald Trump.

ABC News has uncovered alarming details from notes kept by former Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran, shedding light on Trump’s deep fear about criminal prosecution if he turned over classified documents following a subpoena in May 2022.

Corcoran documented Trump’s private apprehensions, noting Trump’s worry that complying with the subpoena could lead to criminal charges. Ironically, Trump’s subsequent alleged evasion of the subpoena is what ultimately led to criminal charges against him.

These notes are pivotal, potentially demonstrating Trump’s awareness of legal jeopardy and casting his actions to obstruct the government’s retrieval of documents in a damning light.

According to Corcoran’s records, Trump debated whether handing over additional documents might backfire, fearing the Department of Justice could exploit this compliance to imply prior concealment, tarnishing his reputation in the media and possibly filing criminal charges.

Trump allegedly suggested it might be safer to deny the existence of any documents altogether, despite there reportedly being boxes of classified materials still at his Mar-a-Lago estate at the time.

Prosecutors have seized upon these details, accusing Trump of attempting to involve his attorney in what they describe as a criminal scheme, manipulating legal strategies to cover up his possession of classified documents.

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