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Caitlyn Jenner confronts pro-Palestinian protesters

Caitlyn Jenner confronts pro-Palestinian protesters

Transgender activist, Caitlyn Jenner had a heated exchange with some pro-Palestinian protesters while attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner held on Saturday night. 

Caitlyn who encountered a throng of protesters, pulled out her cell phone and began recording them, showing no fear.

Caitlyn Jenner confronts pro-Palestinian protesters

It was quite clear she was not on the side of the protesters as she stopped to challenge them and then flipped them off and left.

As she walked away, one protester hurled a weak sauce barb “You’re so old. Just leave. Go home.” Caitlyn did the same thing coming out, filming the protesters and making her disdain more than apparent.

The protesters wanted journalists to boycott the dinner, noting that reporters had been killed during the war. They are demanding a cease-fire.

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