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The NC Man Who Wreaked Racist Havoc in Trumps name Finally Faces The Gavel

Hudak was also accused of trying to run a Black driver off the road with his MAGA-mobile while yelling racial slurs and eventually pulling a gun on him shouting Trump is coming back. Soon after that incident, he nearly turned himself in for his foolishness after complaining that he couldn’t continue carrying on the way he did.

Hudak was eventually questioned by the police in December. “I can’t take this anymore,” he told them, according to the complaint. “I got banned from Sam’s Club because they said I yell F Black people… It’s my First Amendment, and I will use it because they ask for trouble.”

According to the complaint, Hudak has consistently bashed “illegal” immigration and so-called crimes Black people have committed against him, and has blared hate speech loudly from his tackily decorated truck. Social media pages associated with Hudak indicate he emigrated from Slovakia.

Hudak’s sentencing is scheduled for May. He may face only 120 days in prison.

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