Xbox Live Warning: Fans can download new free Xbox One game NOW

 gamers looking for something fresh to try this weekend have a new free-to-play title to put through its paces.

This means that Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download the new free game onto their Xbox console right now and start checking it out.

And this isn’t a special Free Play Days event which offers full games for a limited time, but a fully-fledged release which has been part of the Game Preview Program for some time.

Vigor is the latest game to go F2P on Xbox One and is available to download and play alongside the current Games with Gold August 2019 lineup.

So fans still have plenty of time to add Forza 6, Gears of War 4 and Castlevania to their digital libraries too.

The good news is that Vigor won’t cost anything extra to download and play, and is supported by in-game microtransaction, as confirmed in a recent blog post.

Bohemia Interactive has been planning this Free-to-Play launch for some time, and so it won’t come as much of a surprise to the current fanbase.


But there’s probably a fair amount of gamers out there who have never played Vigor.

Vigor is described as a free-to-play shoot ‘n’ loot game where you can build a Shelter in post-war Norway as you try to survive the fallout of a nuclear war.

The F2P launch was timed to go live during the Gamescom Expo, meaning there’s a good chance many may have missed the big announcement.

Vigor is an Xbox One exclusive which has been part of the Early Access Preview program run by Microsoft since Summer 2018.

And while the game has now fully launched on the Microsoft Store, it looks like there will be plenty of support in the future.

Set in Norway, players have to head out into the post-Nuclear war world and survive against the PvP and PvE elements out to stop them.

If it sounds a bit like DayZ without the Zombies, that’s because it was made by the same team.

“Vigor went some insane distance since it entered Xbox Game Preview,” a message from the Bohemia dev team explains.

“A bit more than a year later, we can clearly see all the changes that have made the game better. Feedback from our players helped us shape the game, and provided us with a ton of new ideas to improve it.

“The Duos feature was not meant to be in the game from the beginning, yet we heard the community, and listened. We want to focus more on the social aspects of Vigor based on the feedback – even adding Random Duos and spectator were natural steps in this direction.

“We built the system in a way that it allows us to react quickly to feedback, and we were able to deliver tweaks to the settings of weapons in a matter of days after Update 0.9 was in.

“And there are less visible changes that are sometimes even more important – we managed to get better performance both in-game (allowing fluent 4K rendering most of time on the Xbox One X, for example) and on servers.

“We are going to share more details on optimizations in the future – just imagine servers going from a mere 16 fps on average a year ago, to a solid 60 fps nearly all the time nowadays.

“There’s been a steady increase of players in the game since Update 0.9, which ramped up into Free Play Days, and we managed to address a ton of stability issues thanks to your support.

“There were over 700 000 players in Vigor over the course of Game Preview, 140 000 during the last Free Play Days alone. That’s a big responsibility and incentive for us to keep improving the game.”

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