Trump farewell speech sparks Twitter FURY as ‘no new wars’ claim sees Capitol debate erupt

Mr Trump started his leaving speech by urging prayers for the new Administration, although he failed to mention President-elect Joe Biden by name. The remark sparked debate on Twitter, with furious users accusing Mr Trump of trying to start a war within the US.

The Republican leader has recently faced accusations from critics of inciting the civil unrest in the Capitol Building earlier this month.

One Twitter user said: “Ignoring the civil wars taking place in the US because of Trump, sure.”

Another person responded: “I guess almost instigating a civil war doesn’t count.”

A third commenter added: “He did, he created a war on this country’s home turf… Pitting Americans against Americans.

“The driving force behind an insurrection attempt on January 6th and his failures at addressing the Covid pandemic that’s officially killed 400k of our people.”

Others blamed the Trump administration for the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

One user said: “Wow, they’re really leaning into this ‘no new wars’ bullsh*t, like that’ll make us conveniently forget about the unprecedented death and destruction they’re responsible for.”

Another person added: “And yet still found a way to needlessly kill hundreds of thousands of Americans.”

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