Clive Anderson speaks out on ‘weird’ Piers Morgan moment during Have I Got News For You

Speaking ahead of the new series, which kicks off this evening, he recalled a particular moment which took him by surprise.

He said: “The thing that surprised me the most… last series, one of our points of study was one of the earlier sights of human habitation in Britain, which took us back 11,000 years, just as the Ice Age was melting.

“This series we looked out at human remains which were 30,000 years old,” he explained. “Before the ice age, it was apparently warm enough for humans to live in Britain or visit Britain.

“I thought 11,000 years was pretty old, but 30,000 years! It looks like it was a fairly formal, burial in a cave, the bones are human, its not all on a skeleton.”

Mystic Britain starts tonight at 8pm on the Smithsonian Channel.

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