Cliff Richard recalls Chris Evans accusing him of ‘photoshopping’ topless calendar

Without the support of the airwaves, he moaned that he and other artists from his era are forced to go on tour, which is proving difficult as his “long-term fans” are no longer with us.

He told the Greatest Music of All Time podcast: “Why will people download a record of mine if they don’t know it’s out?

“Those of us who have proven ourselves over and over and over again should be given a priority chance [on radio], even if it’s to say, ‘We are going to play this record once a day for two weeks’.

He continued: “Without radio, there is nothing we can do other than go on tour, which is not only tiring, it gets less efficient as time goes by, the audiences get smaller. We are all dying. Long-term fans may not be with us any more.”

Cliff recently released his latest album Music… The Air That I Breathe, to celebrate his 80th Birthday.

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