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Prince William Appears Blindsided When a Child Asks Him How Much Money Is in His Bank Account

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Prince William is used to having tough questions thrown at him from fans. But when someone asked about his bank account, even the future king was a bit caught off guard.Prince William has made too many royal appearances through the years to even count. The Prince of Wales is often out and about on behalf of the royal family, and in his interactions, he frequently runs into children. Being a father of three little ones himself, William understands that kids don’t always have the filters that their parents likely wish they did.

While William always knows how to politely react to young kids, there was a recent moment where the prince seemed a bit caught off guard after a young fan asked the royal how much money he has in his bank account.

Prince William was caught off guard when a child asked how much money he has

A massive part of William’s job is interacting with the public; he is meant to be an advocate for various organizations around the United Kingdom and the world, and as a result, he makes frequent visits to different parts of the UK.

While visiting Moss Side in Manchester, William had the chance to interact with young kids. And when William pledged to donate nearly $125,000 to help eliminate violence involving the youth, an 11-year-old boy had one burning question: how much does the prince have in his bank account?

William seemed a bit thrown off by the question, but he laughed and had a quick response, with Express reporting that the prince said he has no idea how much money is in his account. Of course, he likely does have an idea, but he certainly wasn’t going to let the whole room know.

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