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Women taking on increasing power in Mexican cartels

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Silvia had two dreams when she was growing up in Mexico City: owning her own business and seeing the world. Unfortunately, her family’s financial struggles prevented her from going to college or traveling, and she had to settle for working as a waitress in a local restaurant.

But when Silvia met a group of women in her neighborhood who were part of a cartel, her dreams changed. She was fascinated by the way they operated, crossing borders with impunity and having power and control over the men. She quickly joined their ranks, and before long she was in control of her own cartel.

Silvia made her mark by being ruthless and fearless. She gave orders and nobody challenged them, and even the local police were afraid of her. But more importantly, she made sure the women in her cartel were given the same opportunities as the men—if not more—and they flourished under her leadership.

The cartel quickly spread throughout Mexico and began to gain power and influence in other parts of the country. Silvia’s business acumen and fearlessness also made her respected by the federal government, which gave her access to resources that allowed her to expand her operations to the international stage.

Silvia had made it. She had achieved her dream of traveling the world and running a successful business. But even more than that, she had achieved her goal of showing that women could play a major role in the world of Mexican cartels. Under her leadership, there was no stopping them.

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